Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Welcome Post

So, I have decided to start up a new Blogger blog. I used to have an old one and had considered just continuing that one - which hasn't had a new post since October 2006 - but figured that I should just "start anew" as it were. Plus, I enjoy the title of this blog much, much more!

So, welcome to "The Nick B-Log" (said THE "NICK B" LOG)! Eventually, I'll post about whatever tickles my fancy or whatever I may be doing at such a time or random mentions of things that happened to me that day. Some posts may be angry (such as if I talk about Frank Miller's
softcore porn adaptation of Will Eisner's The Spirit...I mean, feature film adaptation), some may be nostalgic, some may be geeky and fanboy-ish (a lot of those may be included in the angry ones), and some - or most - may be about things that you don't even care enough to hear about. But, they'll be here.
So please enjoy (or don't) the random writings of a geek that was given way too much power when the internet was created. I hope that you do enjoy it, but, if not, it'll still be here if you leave.

1 comment:

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