Saturday, August 30, 2008


The point of the "MY QUICK UPDATE" posts were to be a weekly Page 2 for the blog. The Page 1 stories being the long posts that have their own titles and the Page 2 posts being random things throughout the week that I want to write a quick blurb about, but not a full post.
Also, they're supposed to make me write at least ONE post per week. The point is to have a couple posts in between, but I now realize the last post I wrote was last Saturday's "MY QUICK UPDATE". Hopefully, next week will be different.

Went to see
Tarsem's The Fall earlier today at the Hippodrome. Had to see it alone since everyone that I knew that would want to see it had seen it already.

Michael Haneke's 2007 remake of Funny Games. I think I liked it more this time around. Which is odd, because I really liked it a lot when I first saw it.

"Tiny Toon Adventures", season 1, volume 1, at Best Buy ealier this week since they're having a 25% off TV DVDs sale. After I finish watching it, I plan to write a post on the cartoon revolution of the 1990s vs the cartoons of today.

Started a post on one of my favorite underrated films,
Galaxy Quest, but still need to finish it.

I realize that I talk more about writing posts than actually writing posts for this blog.

Barack Obama's DNC acceptance speech was phenomenal! The first Democrat I've seen that actually responds to the Republican smear campaign rather than play ostrich to it.

Re-reading "Watchmen" while reading "DC Universe: The Stories of Alan Moore". I feel an Alan Moore discussion coming on.

Is it odd that I was excited to see
Shannen Doherty on the cover of my "Entertainment Weekly" this week? I realize that this season, the new "90210" series may become my new primetime guilty pleasure, i.e. "The OC" in 2004 and "Gossip Girl" last season.

Fishnet stockings! Man, I love Shannen Doherty...

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