Saturday, August 16, 2008

My Party to Plan...

So, for the last few days, I've been convincing my good friend, Ying, to come up to Gainesville - before her move-in day at her new apartment - and spend some time up here hanging out. I did actually want her to come up and even offered to house her in one of the three currently empty rooms in my apartment until Wednesday the 20th, move-in day for Lexington Crossing. The crazy thing is, I had just assumed she would never accept.

And then, I get a call...

The call was Ying saying that she'd love to and will show up at my door some time on Sunday.
Now, I don't regret or even mind her staying here, at my place, until Wednesday. After all, I did offer. What I also said in these random conversations over the last few days was that if she came up, we'll throw a party for her birthday on Wednesday. Then it hit me: I now have to get a party ready for my friend's birthday. Not only that, it has to be good!
She was telling me of how her birthdays are never really what she wants out of them. Which is a pretty common story for most. Most - if not, all - of my birthdays have felt like every other day. The best one I can think of was the one that was thrown for me be some friends this year. It was pretty great and a few of my friends chipped in and got me a handle of Southern Comfort.
Now, what I need to do is plan a party that will be a) a party that she will not only enjoy, but change her birthday history and b) a party that other people will enjoy before the Fall semester starts.
So far, I have the location: my friend, Jim Colee's house. Ample parking, not too far from where most people live, large enough to house a crowd, and plenty of spacing far enough from other homes to muffle drunken, loud dialogue from said crowd. Now, all I need is...well, everything else. I need to invite people, find some people that would not mind chipping in for drinks, find someone to pay for said drinks (the whole under 21 thing stops me from doing such things), and do it not completely under Ying's nose, because she does know that the party's happening, but keep her as uninvolved as possible to not make it seem like she is planning her own shindig.
I have quite a weekend ahead of me.

Honestly, any and all ideas would be well appreciated...

Later days.

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