Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How Does One Start Doing This Again?

Well, I've decided to start this blog up again. Mainly for two reasons:
  1. Finally got a new laptop. An Asus K52N-BGR5. Fairly happy with it. It was a mere $549 at Best Buy and has a 500GB hybrid hard drive, 6GB DDR3 RAM, 15.6-inch LED screen, ATi HD graphics, and an on-board Altec Lansing speaker set. I say all these things as a computer geek, and yet, I bought the computer so I could get back to writing.
  2. Because one of my favorite comic book writers, James Robinson, had tweeted that my blog was a good read and "witty" after I had put him in one of my few and far between "Follow Friday" posts.
After things like that (especially the latter!), one must continue blathering to absolutely no one while hoping that maybe just one person actually reads this and feels that it was not a complete waste of their time. As they say, it's the little things that matter.
Since I moved back home to Miami, I've been doing things a lot differently than when I was in Gainesville. For now, I'm working. Not currently in school due to a strong lack of funds. I am currently considering my further educational options. I may just go a normal secondary educational institution or see if I can gather enough student loans to go to a film school for my BA. I have also been volunteering for the Florida SuperCon since the 2009 Animation SuperCon in October of that year. I spent the entire weekend being David X. Cohen's (co-developer/executive producer/head writer of "Futurama") assistant. I also got to hang out with the entire male voice cast of "Futurama" and drive Billy West (voice of Fry/Zapp Brannigan on "Futurama" as well as many voices from some of everyone's favorite '90s cartoons) to the airport. I've done pretty well at these events. I'll most likely be a staff member for the upcoming 2011 Florida SuperCon in July, taking care of media guests. Honestly, even if they don't pay me, I still have way too much fun at the cons.
But, between work, conventions, and not having a computer after my last laptop finally died (it was on its last legs and was referred to as a steam powered laptop by my good friend, Shaun Spalding, because of the terrible sounds the fan made), I have neglected my writing. I kept having ideas and writing them all down in my Moleskine notepad, but never really had a chance to turn any of them into something. Most recently, I started getting frustrated and just took what little money I had and bought the best laptop I could for it. So, in addition to starting to write some stories again, I thought this blog should be given a chance to live on. While I enjoy Twitter, micro-blogging is not as good an outlet as a nice, LONG blog post.
I am going to try to post movie reviews for whatever film I see that I feel is worth writing about - whether it be new, old, or something recently rediscovered - as well as some of my general What's Happening? posts that I used to do called "MY QUICK UPDATE". I may also do the occasional video game review (since I now work in the video game section of a very large toy store chain and it has rehashed on old addiction), tech news, comic book review, or whatever geeky thing that I feel is either relevant to myself or what I feel should be relevant to us all. In other words, this will be a blog. But not just a blog, this will be The Nick B-Log.

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